Coffee Shop

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"Assorted Ice Cream "

"7 scoops Rose, vanilla, pistachio, saffron, chocolate, sahlab, turkish delight with chocolate sauce."
KWD 9.500


Small size, full flavored, concentrated form of coffee.
KWD 0.750

Mini cookies 4 pieces

Capri cookies stuffed with belgian chocolate chips
KWD 1.200

Mini English Fruit Cake

Enough for 1 persons
KWD 1.500

Hot Americano

Diluting double espresso shot with hot water.
KWD 1.250

Mini Banana Nut Loaf

Enough for 1 persons
KWD 1.500

Mini cookies

Mini cookies, four pieces
KWD 1.200

Oreo Ice Cream Tart

Enough for 10 to 12 person
KWD 15.000

Hot Spanish

The sweet indulgence of espresso blends with normal and condensed milk.
KWD 1.500

Mini Lemon Pound Cake

Enough for 1 persons
KWD 1.500