Oil Scents

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Musk Set - Yellow, Pink & Green - 1/4 Tola

"This musk collection consists of the best-handpicked musks to enlighten your mood and enrich the musky sensation. The Collection Includes: (Total: 3 Oils) • Yellow Musk - 0.25 Tola • Pink Musk - 0.25 Tola • Green Musk - 0.25 Tola"
KWD 23.000 KWD 11.000

Wonderful Musk - 1/4 Tola

"This fragrances consists of the finest quality roses that indulges you into the heavenly and magical aroma of musk. This is an outstanding masterpiece of musk fragrance. Size: 1/4 Tola"
KWD 9.500 KWD 5.000

Blue Musk - 1 Tola

"This blend of musk mesmerizes you and makes you feel the barren feeling of the ocean while giving you heavy mossy notes at it base. Size: 1 Tola"
KWD 46.000 KWD 17.000

Red Musk - 1 Tola

"A strong sensual musk with a fruity heart note that uplifts your mood the whole day. Size: 1 Tola"
KWD 24.000 KWD 12.000

Yellow Musk - 1 Tola

"This blend of musk captivates your sense and makes you feel the soft musky sensation of roses in the end. Size: 1 Tola "
KWD 30.000 KWD 13.500

Pink Musk - 1 Tola

"A pure blend of the white & red roses with a subtle musky character that mesmerises you completely. Size: 1 Tola"
KWD 34.000 KWD 17.000

Green Musk - 1 Tola

"This blend of musk captivates your sense and makes you feel the green leathery notes of musk. Size: 1 Tola "
KWD 28.000 KWD 15.000

Dehen Oud Musky - 1/4 Tola

"A perfect blend of selected pure oud and musk for an exotic fragrance. A sniff of this fragrance will escalate your senses and energize you.. Size: 1/4 Tola"
KWD 30.000 KWD 10.000

Bravo Musk - 1/4 Tola

"An adventurous fragrance that evokes the best in you with its aesthetic scent. It instills the personality of a strong zeal and a desire to achieve great things in life. Size: 1/4 Tola "
KWD 8.650 KWD 4.750

Sensation Musk - 1/4 Tola

"A perfect blend of the soberness of musk and the secret scent to make your day exciting and joyful. It provides a sense of completeness within you. Size: 1/4Tola"
KWD 10.000 KWD 4.500

Lady Musk - 1/4 Tola

"A soft and sweet fragrance with the smell of roses and jasmine. This fragrance enhances the sophisticated personality of the lady throughout the day. Size: 1/4 Tola "
KWD 11.250 KWD 4.500

Dark Musk - 1/4 Tola

"A true scent of the rich Indian heritage that has mysterious notes of pure Kasturi. This perfume has an intense dark scent which is another addition to your personality. Size: 1/4Tola"
KWD 10.000 KWD 5.000