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(Limited Edition) by Miss Elite

The mysterious night fragrance, it is a combination of the freshness of citrus groves and the softness of jasmine, violet and iris flowers. The basis of the fragrance is musk, sandalwood, amber, patchouli and vanilla who embody its majesty ... It comes in a unique and elegant bottle of 100 ml, which is a bright gold art painting. It is the fragrance of excitement and mystery ...
KWD 45.900 KWD 29.900

Perfume (Alexandre Marc 3)

A women's perfume that embodies the true meaning of natural beauty and love of life with its calm components of orange blossoms and enhances its radiance with a touch of vanilla and jasmine combined in a very elegant 50 ml package. A fragrance of elegance and simplicity ....
KWD 14.900 KWD 5.000

Perfume (Alexandre Marc 3)

For lovers of romance for men, it is a warm fragrance inspired by the ancient Chinese tea blends, rose and patchouli, which mix together to give a luxurious and refined fragrance that leaves its imprint full of botanical and woody notes to be presented in a 50 ml bottle with a modern design. A fragrance of warmth and romance ...
KWD 14.900 KWD 5.000

Perfume (Alexandre Marc 5)

A men's fragrance inspired by nature with its homogeneous ingredients for young people who love vitality and activity, it is a mixture of fresh gardenia flowers, rose and nectarine that highlights the refreshing acid side of the fragrance, a formula that captivates hearts and minds Presented in a unique 50ml bottle. Fragrance of vitality and vigor ...
KWD 14.900 KWD 5.000

Perfume (Alexandre Marc 5/5)

A unique and poetic women's fragrance that is a breathtaking mixture of salty vanilla, green mandalin and amber wood, it is a harmonious mixture that travels you into the depths of the forests, making you feel strong and daring My lady comes to you in a 50 ml bottle with a sophisticated and modern design. Perfume of beauty and boldness ....
KWD 14.900 KWD 5.900

Perfume (La Flam / LA flam) by Miss Elite

A touch of flowery and distinctive luxury with the tone of patchouli and a scent of violet that mixes with the scent of iris root with a hint of vanilla They are gathered in a feminine 60ml bottle of the finest crystal. It is the title of excellence and elegance ...
KWD 29.500 KWD 19.900

Perfume (La Perle) from Miss Elite

From the very first moment, this fragrance will enchant you with its luscious scent that is full of lavender, attractive liquid amber, jasmine and vanilla notes, without forgetting the 60ml clear crystal bottle. Perfume poetry and luxury ...
KWD 29.500 KWD 19.900

Perfume (Le Jour) from Miss Elite

A unique and aromatic fragrance for the day, full of vitality and life. A mixture of white musk, jasmine and lemon flowers. It comes in a unique artistic bottle of 100 ml that enriches the roots and heritage. It is a modern fragrance full of life ...
KWD 34.500 KWD 20.000

Perfume (Soiree) from Miss Elite

Fly the attractiveness and distinction to the best nights. It is a unique blend of musk, sandalwood, and agarwood. With a hint of lilac. It comes in a unique artistic packaging of 100 ml, which enriches the roots and heritage. It is a velvety perfume in the sense of the word ...
KWD 34.500 KWD 20.000