Picture for vendor Jamal aloud

Jamal aloud

بخور، دهن عود، هدايا، مسك، معمول

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Alfakhama musk

Alfakhama musk A quarter tola
KWD 10.000

Cambodia oud oil

A quarter tola Net 100% Cocoon forest A luxurious Cambodian scent
KWD 18.000

Jamal aloud mamoul

Jamal aloud mamoul Two and a half
KWD 4.000

misk alkhitam

Half tola Touches of amber, sandalwood and jasmine
KWD 4.000

Pink musk

Half tola Touches of natural white musk with a fruity scent
KWD 4.000

Prachin slices

One tola
KWD 6.000

Sufi vietnames

1 tola triple super
KWD 13.000

vietname Muri

vietname Muri One tola
KWD 9.000

Vietnamese oud slice malaki

Vietnamese oud chips malaki One tola
KWD 5.000